About us
A short resumée of the authors

Graduated as a civil engineer and planner from INSA de Lyon, France in 2012. She obtained a PhD in Geography and Town Planning at the University of Lille Sciences and Technologies, France in 2016. She currently works as a researcher in the Laboratory City, Mobility and Transport of L’Ëcole des Ponts et Chausées.
Her research fields include Transit-Oriented Development, economic geography, land use and transport interactions. She has many experiences in planning, from local authorities to universities, from private company to para-public agencies.
As a planner, she worked for the Metropolitan Authority of Greater Lyon, and co-published the ‘Charter of Sustainable Districts’. She made an internship at EGIS, participating in the design of tramway lines of several international projects. She lectured in the Université d’Artois, France, covering from urban and rural geography to town planning and spatial productions. During her PhD in Lille, she was tutor for master degree students for different projects, in collaboration with Lille Metropolitan Area, the local planning authority.
As a researcher, she participated in numerous international conferences, and published mainly in French journals. Her most representative works can be found online as open resource, for example ‘Transport and Land Use Interaction: A French Case of Suburban Development in the Lille Metropolitan Area’, ‘Analyse morphologique de la pertinence du TOD et du modèle de Corridor Urbain dans L’Arrondissement de Lille’.
Her works show a strong relationship between policy and/or market demands and applied sciences. She has developed a strong interest into quantitative models and qualitative analysis, applying different instruments. From Land Use Transport Integration models to Geographical Information System, from Data Mining and Database Treatment to 3D modeling of civil constructions, from thermodynamic calculation to finite elements simulation, she mastered a large range of tools, such as the TRANUS model, R and MathLab, choosing the most adapted one for specific purposes.
Professor de la Barra graduated as an architect and planner from the University of Chile in 1970. He obtained a PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK in 1980. As from 1975 he is a Professor at the Central University of Venezuela, Faculty of Architecture and Planning. He has specialized in the theory and models of the spatial economy, land use and transportation. He lectures in Urban Structure, Transport Demand, Transport Economics, and Land Use and Transport Modeling. He has lectured in many countries of Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia. He has published numerous papers in scientific journals and book chapters, and is the author of Integrated Land Use and Transport Modelling, Cambridge University Press (1989).
As a researcher, de la Barra is the main author of the TRANUS Integrated Land Use and Transport Model, a free and open-source software that is currently being applied in many countries around the world. He is the author of large parts of the code, documentation, manuals and tutorials.
As a consultant he has participated in projects for more than 35 years internationally. He is President and founder of Modelistica Venezuela (www.modelistica.org), and a partner in Modelistica Mexico (www.modeslitica.com.mx). In this condition, de la Barra has directed projects in the area of urban and regional planning in most countries in Latin America and some in the USA and Europe, mostly related to Land Use and Transport Modeling, using the TRANUS software. These studies have included some of the largest metropolitan areas, such as Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Brussels, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas. Some studies have focused on regional transport, modeling both freight and passengers, thanks to the multimodal capabilities of TRANUS and the embedded spatial input-output model. The latter included the model of the State of Oregon, Chile and the region of Chile- Argentina- Uruguay-Brazil. He has also led some projects on urban design, cycleways and BRT designs.
Dr de la Barra has working and/or lecturing experience in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, India, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Santo Domingo, Panama, Paraguay, USA, Spain, England, Scotland, Portugal and Belgium.